Developing Skills At College

A major difference between high school and college is that the former prepares you for the best college while the latter prepares you for professional and practical life. In high school, all that matters is your academics with extracurricular activities being an additional advantage when applying for undergraduate programs. On the contrary, academics is not the most important focus for college students as they need to develop a set of skills that organizations are looking for, unless you plan to attend graduate school immediately after.

Experts offering assignment help UK claim that a lot of students try their best to manage academics and extracurricular activities together because these activities expose you certain situation under which you tend to develop the skills that are required by organizations. It is for this reason why such writing services are now gaining immense popularity as students try to focus on developing skills via extracurricular activities and seek help from expert writers in matters related to academics.

But what are these skills that we are talking about? A survey revealed that the most important part of corporate recruitment is the interview where grades do not matter. All that matters is whether you can add value to the business or not. Following are some skills that you must develop at college via participation in extracurricular activities and student-run societies:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: When you get hired at a managerial level, there are a number of problems you face and dozens of decisions that you have to take every day. Recruiters try to analyze during the interview if you are the type of person who knows how to critically think about any problem you face and come up with a viable and efficient solution or not.By being involved in extracurricular activities, you get to face similar real-world problems and in order to succeed, you start thinking critically about every problem which polishes your skill of critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Teamwork Is Everywhere: Another mandatory requirement of recruiters is that the candidate must be able to work in diverse teams throughout his journey with the organization. In the modern world where the division of labor is essential, every task needs to be executed with a team to make the process efficient. If you are not able to work efficiently in a team, you may make the entire process a nightmare for every team member leading to a loss for the organization.The skill of teamwork is best learned via taking up projects during college that may or may not be related to academics. Many courses have group projects and you need to ensure that the entire team is on the same page to deliver the quality project on time. If you organize events, you work with a specific department that is also a team of a few individuals. If the interviewer concludes that you might be great at your work but cannot work in a team, you are not getting the job regardless.
  • Leadership For Success: There are instances when you have to take lead in an organization and give orders to people working for you. Leadership and management are two different concepts because as a leader, you tend to inspire your team members more than you control them. Knowing how to manage people might not be the same as knowing how to lead them.As you remain involved with extracurricular activities in college, you take leadership roles in your junior and senior years. This helps you gain an idea of what leadership actually is and what needs to be kept in mind to demonstrate effective leadership.
  • Communication Is The Key: Finally, it is imperative for you to improve your communication skills at college because that would help you at every step you take in life. Communication literally means transferring of thoughts and ideas between two or more individuals and if you relate that to professional life, organizations want you to not only have a creative idea and solution at all times but they expect you to explain that idea to everyone in the organization efficiently.Talk to people from diverse backgrounds and do not miss any opportunity to speak in public. An initial fear of speaking is normal but you have to overcome it during college so that you can ace recruitment interviews and assessment centers.

These are some of the most important skills without which you would not be considered as a competitive applicant for any job. More than what academics can teach you, these skills are what matters because at the end of the day, you get initial training at work where you learn about the organization and your responsibilities. These skills will help you convince the recruiters that you can add value to their business.

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