Six World-Class Websites That Could Assist in Writing Assignment Free of Cost

Every one of us knows that writing is a tough job and that’s why most of us look for help with assignment and even we are ready to pay for it. BUT when the assistance can be availed free of cost, why do we have to pay for it? Isn’t it unwise? Of course, it is. I used to ask people help me out until I found some of the world-class websites that could help me with everything I needed. Since then I stopped begging to the people and started getting interacted with those who are more than happy to help me out. If you are also tired of people showing attitude, you would surely like to know more about it.

1YouTube – Largest Video Sharing Website  


You might be wondering what YouTube has to do with academic projects. Well, it is great learning option and I have put it at the first place in my list because now people spend more on YouTube than any other social network. And if we are using our time, why don’t we use it for good purpose like writing, research, learning, training and assistance. YouTube has a large number of academic channels which are providing top class information and you would surely like to discover them. This platform gets updated very frequently because the videos are uploaded by millions of users. Go to the site and check out academic channels.


  1. Facebook – Biggest Socially Connected Network


Facebook with no doubts has proved itself as the biggest socially connected network which has billions of users all across the world. In the begging it was just a platform that connects people to people but now, it has become the fastest news channel as well because of its capabilities to spread news in seconds. Politicians, sportsmen, researchers, analysts, doctors, engineers and even teachers share their experiences with those willing to learn. Now if you have to learn something about your assignment, you don’t have to spend money because there are student groups as well where you can easily get assistance.


  1. Twitter – Few Words Make Big News


The third source of assistance from the experts is twitter where you can find billion of messages every day. You get small messages few lines but in detail you can find everything related to your search by using # hashtag. From present to the past, every topic can be found easily on this website. If you need to keep yourself updated with the latest news and information in your particular subject, you can follow the expert of your subject and learn a lot from them. You may be assigned from tough to simple topics and Twitter can be one of the best ways to explore relevant information in relatively less time.


  1. Blogger– Become Expert or Follow Experts


Besides, top three social networks i.e. YouTube, facebook and twitter, you can also subscribe blogs. There are millions of blogs out there and you can choose some of the best in your field and follow them. Assignment is not one time activity but it keeps going on thus, it is always good to read blogs because these help you stay updated and provide enough information to complete academic project. Academic blogs help you learn how to write, how to research, steps of working on different projects etc. You can also ask assistance from the bloggers in your particular subject. Additionally, if you have gained enough knowledge, you can also start your own student blog that helps you sharpen your skills.


  1. Wikipedia – Discover the Most Authentic Sources


If you are looking for the most authentic information on internet, your choice would always be Wikipedia because this is considered to be the most managed network on internet that provides information about almost everything either it is politics or politician, film industry or film stars,  sports or sportsmen, education or educators. This platform would give you enough information to complete your projects well in time. The most significant feature of this website is that it delivers you updated information because it is frequently updated and thus, the students don’t have to feel ashamed because of delivering out dated information.


  1. eHow – Read Articles and Watch Videos


Just in case, you find Wikipedia a difficult option, you can use eHow as an alternative option. Wikipedia has scholarly articles which are often difficult to understand by the students. Besides, every post has hundreds of links that sometimes distract newbies who instead of staying on the relevant post switch to other pages and get lost. Distraction wastes a lot of time and the situation becomes even worse if you have less time to finish your project. On this website, you can have thousands of articles to read and videos to watch. Furthermore, you can interact with experts to get their advice in solving relevant problems.

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