The Boom In The Freelance Market

A survey revealed that 4 out of every five students are struggling with college tuition and living expenses due to which they work part time and earn some money. When we talk about part time opportunities for students, not many options are available because students cannot give a lot of time. Also, students are usually hired for unskilled positions regardless of their field of study on hourly wages which means that they have to undertake jobs they do not really like.

With the advancements in technology and digital world, new ways of employment emerged that not only evolved the way students and other job hunters live their lives but also how employers find the best fit for their projects. This evolution came in the form of freelancing and several platforms were created to help employers find employees and vice versa for short term projects.

Experts offering help with assignment and other academic tasks claim freelancing to be a blessing for many people around the world as it allowed them to use their skills and take up projects of their own interest to earn money instead of forcefully working in department stores or cafes. While it was a great option initially, way too many people found freelancing convenient and beneficial which entailed boom in the freelance market.

Most saturated vs. least saturated

Projects are posted under various categories including graphic designing, web development, WordPress, video editing, writing and the list goes on. The fact that some of these projects require exceptional skills like programming languages and use of editing software makes it obvious that some areas are more saturated with freelancers than others.

A lot of students who do not possess any programming or software skills usually enter the market of freelance writing, data entry and virtual assistantship. Immense saturation in these projects mean that hundreds of freelancers place their bid on these projects and it becomes difficult for the employers to decide which freelancer would do the job most efficiently. This number was low in the past and hence it was easier to decide.

Nevertheless, freelancing market platforms have tried to cater to this problem by adding features of experience stars i.e. more experience more stars. This, however, takes away opportunities from new freelancers who might be great at their work but simply do not have the star ratings yet. The option of adding portfolio somewhat overcomes this problem.

What can you do to boost employability?

Now since you identify the problem in the freelance world, the main concern should be that how do you get yourself hired by employers when hundreds of other freelancers want the same project. Firstly, if you are a newbie, do not aim for large scale and high paid projects because such employers will probably find someone experienced. It is wise to start off with minor projects so that your profile is built up before you finally start bidding on larger projects. Given the situation in freelance markets, you will only gain reputation gradually.

Secondly, focus on your relationship with employers. The good thing about freelancing is that majority of projects are given to the same freelancers who were hired by the same employers for different projects previously. Therefore once you get hired for a project, make sure to give your 100% so that the employer approaches you again by themselves for future projects. This is just like forming a good customer base so that the revenue is less uncertain.

Thirdly, learn skills and diversify your working areas with the passage of time. If you are working as a freelance writer for example, you will get tired of it after a couple of years. Therefore, it is important to learn skills alongside so that you can take up multiple types of projects and earn money. The two benefits you can expect from this are that one, you will enjoy work and two, you will have more chances of getting at least one of the projects you applied for.

Finally,freelancing is also based on references quite often. If you develop decent reputation of yourself among employers, you might get hired based on someone else’s reference and this eliminates your responsibility of finding work most of the time. Take up long-term projects if possible because even though they might not pay you fortunes instantly, you will at least get a guaranteed specific amount for a longer period of time.

So make the most of this freelancing opportunity and keep the mentioned points in mind to not let boom in the freelance market stop you from getting projects. Competition is at its peak so you have to work hard if you wish to flourish in this convenient way of earning additional decent amount of money while studying or working.

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