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Why Should You Opt For A College Away From Hometown?

A survey revealed that majority of people consider college to be the most important part of their lives mainly because it is a plethora of different experiences that helps you grow as a person. Experts offering help with assignment and academics claim that students go through several good and bad times at college and learn a majority of life lessons during this journey. However, some students experience much more than others because of one major reason: they study in colleges that are not located in their hometowns.

Some students are hesitant to go abroad while a majority today does not care where the college is located but focus more on the college ranking and education quality. An academic expert claimed that it is wise for students to attend college abroad that is slightly lower in ranking than a college in your hometown because while you might be losing out on some education quality, there is a lot you can gain by living in a hostel, all by yourself.

Despite the initial homesickness, following are some reasons of why you must opt for a college that is not in your hometown:

  • You Stop Relying On Anyone: Till today, your family has usually been around and there for you whenever you needed anything. Living in a hostel means that your family cannot do much for you and you have to take care of all the responsibilities by yourself. After a struggle and stress of several weeks, you start getting used to it and eventually realize that you become a responsible individual. You no longer expect anyone to be there when you need them, despite the fact that friends are always there in the same hostel.A lot of students initiate their independent life from here and even stop asking their parents for financial support. They usually work part-time for their extra living expenses and are eventually able to afford tuition fee or obtain student loan.
  • You Learn How To Manage Finances: Hostel students usually have a fixed weekly or monthly income and that becomes their budget in which they have to pay for food, clothing, shelter and entertainment. Since you are just students working part-time, you cannot expect to live a luxurious life with the income you earn. Knowing it is the only source of income, you start thinking of efficient ways to manage your budget so that you are not only able to meet your needs and want but can also save to pay for major entertainment expenses late on.Budgeting for students can be done on budgeting apps in which you can record all the expenses and incomes for the week or month. This would help you keep track of expenses and eliminate any possibility of overspending. Overspending can be very problematic at one point so you need to save yourself from that situation.
  • Traveling Is The Best Form Of Education: Traveling from hometown to college is not what is being discussed here! As you live your hostel life, you tend to explore the city you live in and the cities nearby which can help you become a responsible person and teach you about different cultures being practiced globally. Attend the cultural and national events that take place and represent your home country whenever you can.As you explore different areas, your mind opens up and you witness so much more than you would have witnesses or experienced if you were studying at a college in your hometown.
  • You Learn Most Of The Household Work: Finally, a good reason to opt for a college away from your hometown is that you get to learn the household work. At home, everything from cooking to laundry and cleaning is usually done by mothers but this is not possible in your dorm room. Campus meals might not satisfy your taste buds and you may not be able to eat food from cafes all the time either because you cannot afford it or because you need homemade food.Therefore, you force yourself to cook and after several attempts you are finally able to cook great food for yourself. You also get used to cleaning of room and doing your own laundry which makes you an independent person and makes your life easier.

Due to these reasons, it is a great choice to attend a college abroad. Your only challenge would be to deal with the initial homesickness and struggles related to budget, household work and responsibilities like waking up in the morning! A survey revealed that students are now preferring colleges abroad more than ever because they have started realizing these benefits. Also, the campus life is amazing and you get to make a lot more memories than you would have been able to make if your college was in your hometown.

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