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Most of the internet users prefer to get online services because of lower prices, convenience and quick delivery. Majority of them often wonder about the protection of their personal information that they share with the service vendor as there are various complaints. Keeping in view the concerns of the clients, we have created our Privacy Policy to ensure them of our 100% surety that their information with us will always be safe.

100% Protection to User Data

Thousand of clients visit this website very day and many of them become our subscriber, buyer or returning customers. During their visit, they might be required to produce some of other personal information such as contact details, likes, dislikes etc and once we collect the info, it becomes our utmost responsibility to provide it maximum protection so it could not get into wrong hands. We take every possible measure to maximize the level of protection and data safety.

Data Types

As mentioned above, thousands of online users come on this website every day including subscribers, buyers, returning customers and casual visitors. They may ask about the products or prices or they may like to post their opinions or suggestions about the product or services they use. In different situations, different type of information is collected but the most common types are as follow:

  • Personal Details
  • Contact Details

In personal details, we usually prefer to know the name, likes, dislikes, favorites of the clients while on the other hand if we are collecting contact details, we prefer to ask about mobile numbers, residential address, email address etc.

Collection Methods

There are various methods which might be implemented to gather users’ information but we always make sure that the level of protection is taken to the 200% to avoid any potential risk of loss or theft of data. The most popular methods that we prefer to apply are as follow:

Free Will Submission

This is considered the most popular option as it deals with the free will of the clients, subscribers or casual visitors of this website. When they produce the information what they are doing and how secured it is. The information may be shared with us through:

  • Personal messages
  • Public comments
  • Posting of stories
  • Posting personal opinions
  • Posting suggestions or recommendations
  • Others

Cumulative Collection

Another most popular option for data collection is cumulative method which is applied to gather statistical form of data such as likes, favorites, behaviors, interest etc. This is really an effective marketing strategy because the basic purpose of this strategy is to improve overall services by observing likes and dislikes of the clients.

Use of Information

Customers commonly ask why we need to collect information and we think it extremely important to answer this question so our valuable client can be free of any kind of confusion or concern about data collection process. Some of the main reasons are as follow:

  • Client Order Completion We advise all of our clients to fill order form very carefully and give complete and accurate details. The complete details help us initiate, complete and deliver order well in time to avoid any trouble. In some cases, clients fail to provide necessary details and to get accurate details we may have to contact our clients through phone or email. Thus, it is important for us to get contact details from every client.
  • Clients Choices We are professional service vendor and we make sure to work as per the choices of our clients. If we know our clients’ choices, we can serve them in the most effective manner. Sometimes, we might try to offer them the services that they don’t want and in such case, we will get nothing but nothing response. Thus, it is extremely important for us to know our client as much as we can.
  • Tomorrow Begins from Today All of our future planning begins from today. What our clients like today? What orders they confirm today? What pages they prefer to visit more frequently? What services made them disappointed? These are some of the very important questions which help them improve our entire system for tomorrow.

User Age Limit

The visitor, subscriber or buyer of our services might be required to produce some of their personal information and therefore, we have set a specific age limit for users so they don’t make any mistake. If you are 18 years old or above, you are allowed to do this website or else, we strongly advise you to ask your legal guardian or parent to help you fill order or subscription forms.


We have created this website as a platform for all of our clients and general internet users and there are no specific restrictions for anyone to use this website except age limit which is essential while filling an order form. Moreover, we have to trust on the information that we collect from users and there is no way to confirm authenticity of the information. Thus, we can’t take any responsibly of the results generated because of actions taken on instructions or intimation from unknown sources.