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At, all of our efforts are based on achievement of One Goal and that is to make all of our clients 100% satisfied with our services. In most of the cases, we are successful as we have the best team of writers, researchers, proofreaders, editors, marketers and customer support. The combined efforts of all make it possible for us to develop a strong relationship with our clients. Creation of this section is another step towards good relationship with clients because it helps to solve issues related to refund claims. We strongly advise every client to read, understand and accept these policies:

Refund Claim

There could be variety of reasons when a client has to cancel a recently placed order. On the other hand, the same order can also get cancelled by one of our departments. Regardless of the reasons, you still have the right to make a refund claim (The acceptance or rejection of the claim depends upon the reason for cancellation)

Valid Reasons for Refund Claim

If the order cancellation is from client side, it is very important to know that what reasons are considered as valid ones. Some examples are as follow:

  • When you receive final version of your assignment for which you hire the services of professional writers, you find that the assignment is a total disappointment for you because it does not have clarity in information; Elements like images are not properly organized and giving very bad looks to the readers; References are not working or not properly organized in the document. You don’t have enough time for making a revision claim because you are completely disappointed and thus there is no other way than making a refund claim.
  • You receive final version of your assignment well in time and you are quite happy with the timely completion and delivery of the project but later you see that most part of the documents are partially or completely plagiarized. Now time is too short and you can’t afford to make a revision request to remove plagiarized content.
  • The writer has given his opinions in the document but there are not enough evidences to support his opinions or claims. You are afraid that the baseless and unauthentic information may lead readers to the wrong opinions.
  • It is extremely important that an assignment must be proofread for finding spelling, typing and grammatical errors but it seems like the document you have received is not yet proofread because it contains a lot of errors.
  • The writer has been very smart in putting various facts, figures, tables and charts at some parts of the document which give an awesome look to the document but the problem is that these elements don’t seem to be relevant to the overall information and topic.

You can find various other similar reasons which can provide your refund claim strong basis.

Invalid Reasons for Refund Claim

You don’t just need a reason to make a refund claim but you actually need a strong and valid reason. So you must avoid putting insane or invalid reasons because in this way you will find nothing but disappointment and on the other hand, you will also waste your time. Some good examples of invalid reasons are as follow:

  • I am totally disappointed because there are some typing errors which are not acceptable for me and I don’t want to make correction.
  • I can’t believe that a native writer could make spelling mistakes with some very common words. I don’t trust this writer.
  • In my opinion the writer has made some sentences or paragraphs unnecessarily larger while he could easily make them smaller.
  • The proofreaders could not notice that the page numbers placed on the document are not correct.
  • Some of the images that are inserted into the document don’t seem appropriate and they also feel like with lower resolution.
  • I have noticed various minor issues with the assignment.

Note: No matter what kind of issues you find in final version of your assignment, we strongly advise you to approach our quality control or customer support department immediately to make corrections on urgent basis.

Timeframe to Make a Refund Claim

  • Order Cancellation within 24 Hours and Refund Claim
    If you have placed your order few hours earlier but now want to cancel it due to some reason, you better do it within 24 hours since placement of the order. This step will help you get full refund of your money.
  • Order Cancellation after 24 Hours and Refund Claim
    Of course, the limit of 24 hours has long gone and you can’t expect to get a full refund but you should still try to get full refund because sometimes, the work does not get started immediately on received orders which could turn to be a favorable situation for you. In most of the cases, you will be able to get at least half payment back.
  • 72 Hours to Make a Refund Claim on Receipt of Final Assignment
    When you receive final version of your assignment, you must do hurry to review it because you have 72 hours either to request for a revision or make a refund claim. The refund claims must be made only if you are completely disappointed.

What Reasons Are Marked as Invalid?

Sometimes, people decide to make refund claims on the basis of completely insane reasons which could get them nothing but shame. Therefore, one must know that giving invalid reasons would be totally useless. Some examples of such reasons are as follow:

  • I have found some typing mistakes in my essay and thus I am not satisfied with the quality of work.
  • I think the writer does not know the spellings of some words which is quite disappointing for me.
  • I see some sentences are made unnecessarily larger than they should be.
  • At some part of the document, I see little issues with linguistics.
  • I can’t accept the document as accurate because the placement of page number is totally incorrect.
  • There are some eye catchy images but the resolution of those images is not appropriate.
  • I have found a number of issues with the essay.

Note: We strongly advise each client to contact our quality control department to make necessary correction in final version of the document. Just in case, the issues are not resolved, you should contact our dispute resolution department before involving a third party.

Dispute Resolution Department

Refund Claims are complicated issues and often create unpleasant situations which we always try to avoid. Therefore, we always advise all of clients who are not satisfied with the quality of work or have concerns about any other issue to approach our dispute resolution team whose responsibility is to find amicable and acceptable solution to all kind of disputes.